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At Cooley Shrair, our Family Law department excels at providing unparalleled legal representation in all aspects of familial relations including: spousal, parent-child and same-sex relationships.

Our knowledge, experience and training in family law is supported by our aggressive and proactive commitment to our client. We understand the need for reasonableness and cooperation as it relates to the particular needs of our clients and strive to resolve the issues to secure a fair settlement.

We achieve results whether it is implemented through negotiation, mediation, pretrial or trial proceedings. Our goal is to protect and promote the best interest of our client.

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Dawn D. McDonald
Dawn D. McDonald

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Bank Alert Notice: Residential Foreclosure

Another impediment related to residential foreclosure

Following a foreclosure, we all have been faced with the prospect of evicting the homeowner who becomes as we all thought, a tenant-at-will. The general rule was to provide a 30-day notice of termination of tenancy and then to begin a summary process hearing to evict the post-foreclosure "tenant" from the property.

Paying your divorce attorney

Many people do not seek legal representation in their divorce case in fear of their inability to pay attorney fees.