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Our experienced elder law attorneys provide not only the knowledge necessary to carry out our clients’ wishes, but also the compassion to assist you in planning under difficult circumstances.  Whether you or a loved one are faced with an immediate need for nursing home care, or whether you are planning for future needs, our planners will guide you through this difficult process.   We know protecting your loved ones is a priority, and will work to create an individually tailored plan to meet your personal needs.

Whether you are planning in a crisis, or advance planning to preserve assets during one’s lifetime, we are here to help.

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On Monday, you inherit a million dollars.  On Tuesday, your spouse files and serves a Complaint for Divorce.  Do you get to keep the million dollars?

In Massachusetts, the court has broad discretion in determining which assets belong to the marital estate and how they should be divided.  Neither the date of acquisition nor the manner in which title is held necessarily determines whether an asset is to be included in the estate.  Rather, the concept of marital property in Massachusetts, as defined by statute as well as applicable case law, is expansive.  “Upon divorce … the court may assign to either husband or wife all or any part of the estate of the other …” Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 208, Section 34.

Bank Alert Notice: Residential Foreclosure

Another impediment related to residential foreclosure

Following a foreclosure, we all have been faced with the prospect of evicting the homeowner who becomes as we all thought, a tenant-at-will. The general rule was to provide a 30-day notice of termination of tenancy and then to begin a summary process hearing to evict the post-foreclosure "tenant" from the property.